Tuesday, 20 March 2007

Lord Sleazy Levy Demands Aide to Lie in "Cash for Honours" Scandal

Labour fundraiser Lord Levy (or Lord Cashpoint as he is commonly referred to) was accused of ‘bullying’ one of the Prime Minister’s top aides, Ruth Turner. It seems Ms. Turner was so concerned over a meeting last summer she went so far as to put her fears in writing. Unfortunately for labour and Sleazy Levy in particular, this document reached the police and has caused quite a stir. It was described how the meeting, which occurred around the first time Lord Levy was arrested, left her shaken and in tears. Ms. Turner, one of Blair's closest aides later went so far as to say Levy asked her to lie in the "cash for honours" investigation. "There is a document addressed to Johnathan Powell in the course of which she (Ruth Turner) alledges that Lord Levy had asked her to lie for him"

This man is despicable. Harrasing and bullying a, from all accounts, a well liked honest woman into lying for him. Does he know no shame? His nicknames... Sleazy Levy, Lord Cashpoint, how appropriate. I bet there are a lot more people involved that he has "bullied" and threatened into staying silent!