Saturday, 7 April 2007

Happy Easter !

I wanted to wish everyone a very Happy Easter! My thoughts and prayers this Easter are with those who have lost loved ones due to terrorism and those brave enough to fight the terrorists.

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Best Wishes

Friday, 6 April 2007

British Hostages Speak - The Reality behind the Show from Iran's President

The cloud has been lifted and now we begin to hear the truth. Blair's triumph in diplomacy was nonexistent. The reality is this was a carefully planned and executed capture and release by Iran's President, and Blair played right into his hand. The British Sailors and Marines made the statement the Iranians so proudly aired on TV under duress, while facing at best a 7 year prison sentence. Lt Carman said they were given two choices.
"If we admitted we had strayed, we would be on a plane back to the UK soon. If we didn't we faced up to seven years in prison".
The only woman in the group, Leading Seaman Faye Turney, believed for at least four days that she was the only one still being held. Royal Marine Joe Tindell told how they feared for their lives in prison. "We had a blindfold and plastic cuffs, hands behind our backs, heads against the wall. Basically there were weapons cocking. Someone, I'm not sure who, said, I quote ' lads I think we're going to get executed'."
Lt Carman said they were only allowed to gather together for a few hours to put on a show for the Iranian media. He continued to describe their position and circumstances at the time of capture. Royal Marine Captain Chris Air said they had seconds to make a decision when confronted by the Iranians while carrying out a routine operation. "We are aware that many people have questioned why we allowed ourselves to be taken in the first place and why we allowed ourselves to be shown by the Iranian authorities on television. Let me be absolutely clear, from the outset it was very apparent that fighting back was simply not an option. Had we chosen to do so then many of us would not be standing here today. Of that I have no doubts".
Two of the crew read out a prepared statement to the press conference at the Royal Marines Barracks at Chivenor. Lieutenant Carman said the sailors and marines were on an operation on 23 March, 1.7 nautical miles from Iranian waters, when they were captured.
Cpt Chris Air said the crew had made it clear they were on a "routine operation allowed under a UN mandate" but the Iranians had a "planned intent. Some of the Iranian sailors were becoming deliberately aggressive and unstable." Their boat was surrounded by six boats and rammed and they were trained with heavy machine guns and weapons. The officer in charge Lt Carman said they were taken to a prison in Tehran where they were stripped and dressed in pyjamas.
They were kept in stone cells, sleeping on blankets and held in isolation until the last few nights and frequently interrogated.
Is it any surprise that they said exactly what they were told to by Iran? I believe they did the right thing, and got home safely because of it. Britain however did not. A strong military action was called for, however Blair chose to write a note instead. The Iranian President's PR ploy, despite the callous and calculated planning that obviously went into it, was transparent. The result of this is more complicated. Britain came away from the situation looking pathetic and weak. That in itself comes with consequences. What is preventing this situation, or worse from occurring again repeatedly in the future? The terrorists and countries that support them will not stop unless they are forced to, or the consequences are far greater than the "benefits" of their action.

The "Real Gift" From Iran Was The Bomb They Supplied Iraq To Kill Our Soldiers

Diplomacy worked, sure it did. Iran may have returned 15 servicemen but today 4 died at the hands of an Iranian made bomb in Iraq. Four soldiers, two of them women, died when a huge Iranian-made bomb hit their patrol in Iraq. The blast exposed Ahmadinejad as the callous terrorist and hypocrite he is. While the 15 sailors and marines were on their way home from Iran, Iraqis were collecting souvenirs from the wreckage that killed our soldiers and celebrating around the 3 foot crater in the road near Basra . Blair's response was, "On the one hand we are glad that our service personnel are returned from their captivity. But on the other we return to the sober and ugly reality of what is happening through terrorism in Iraq." Perhaps if Mr. Blair took a stronger stance and there were consequences to terrorism it would no longer occur in such frequency. Including the Basra deaths six British soldiers have now been killed in six days in Iraq. This attack near Basra was carefully planned. It came at 2am just as the soldiers were returning to base after a counter-insurgency search in the slum district of Hayaniya. One vehicle was caught in a blast thought top have triggered by remote control. Britain and America have repeatedly blamed Iran for supplying the special armour-piercing bombs and triggering mechanisms used by Iraqi insurgents. So it seems we have Iran to thank for this "gift" as well. Tory MP Patrick Mercer, a former infantry commander, said last night: "This is the reality of the smile on the face of the Iranian tiger. What the Iranians have delivered with one hand they have taken away with the other." This attack just adds to the humiliation Blair has subjected Britain to over the hostage crisis. As I have said before, unless we take a strong military action against these people we will be terrorized indefinitely. Why would they stop? Thus far there have been no consequences for the vicious attacks and acts of terrorism they repeatedly inflicted on our country.

British Crew is Home but More Soldiers Killed Today in Iraq

More die in the Middle East. Is it sad, yes. Is it surprising, unfortunately not.
"Just as we rejoice at the return of our 15 service personnel, so today we are also grieving and mourning for the loss of our soldiers in Basra, who were killed as the result of a terrorist act," Blair said outside his office at 10 Downing St
Blair claims that the return of the service personnel today was a triumph in Diplomacy, I am not so sure. I would however, call it a PR triumph for the Iranian President. Iran's release of the eight sailors and seven marines raised hopes among some that Tehran might be open to compromise on other matters, particularly Western demands for a halt to Iran's uranium enrichment program. But Iran already was warning it would retaliate if the West pushed too hard. After Britain's "walking on eggshells" stance over the hostage situation it doesn't seem Iran has any fear, or reason to fear, the west's response should it "retaliate" for being pushed. As far as Iraq goes, men and women will continue to die, as they did today, in what the west is calling a terrorist attack. We need to show the Middle East that we will no longer tolerate the terrorism they sponsor on a daily basis. I do not have all the answers, I wish I did, but I do know there is a better way than our leaders chatting over tea and sending nice notes while our soldiers die. For news footage of the aftermath of todays attack click this link

Controls on advertising junk food to children came into force this week

This article is from the BBC :
"Teachers are warning that children are growing up too quickly because of pressure from advertising and commerce. They say advertising which targets children should be more tightly controlled because it encourages poor diets and general ill-health. The call comes from the annual conference of the National Union of Teachers in Harrogate, where delegates will also discuss education reforms.
Controls on advertising junk food to children came into force this week.
But dedicated children's channels are allowed to phase in the restrictions, which affect programmes aimed at four to nine year olds."

I am very much in favour of children maintaining healthy well balanced diet. But where does the responsibility for this lie? The answer is with the parents, not commercial advertisers. Parents have options. They can choose which programs, if any their children watch. They can choose what food their children eat. Parents do have the ability to say no, despite the fact many refuse to exercise that ability. Sadly, these days parents would rather give the child what they want than to have to deal with the child's reaction when told no. This is one of the reasons so many children are unhealthy and out of control. Have you ever gone into a restaurant for a nice quiet meal and sat next to children who are very poorly behaved? I have. They run around the restaurant, demand sweets for desserts and, god forbid they don't get their way, they scream. This is not the child's fault. The responsibility for this behavior lies firmly with the parents. Now before the parents of the children complain that I don't understand how difficult raising children can be, I have three. My children do not eat fast food, they do not have public temper tantrums or run around restaurants disturbing everyone else's meal. I am not unduly strict or unreasonable. However, I do set firm boundaries which they know not to cross. And no, it was not easy when they were toddlers to see them upset when they weren't given what they want but today they are extremely well adjusted, happy children because of it. Children look to their parents for guidance, structure, love and attention. If they do not receive these things at home they will look for them elsewhere be it food or misbehaving for attention.

Thursday, 5 April 2007

Do You Want To Be Required to Own a Biometric ID Card? You will be if Labour wins next Election.

According to Home Office papers from 2004 one third will NOT cooperate with ID card checks. The Home Office claims these figures were incredibly out of date. Labour says ID cards will have a wide range of benefits and plans. If they win the next election they will bring in new legislation to make it compulsory to own, but not necessarily carry, a card. The Liberal Democrats and the Conservatives both oppose the identity card scheme. Liberal Democrat home affairs spokesman Jeremy Browne said: "A major failing of ID cards is that it will cost billions of pounds to coerce law-abiding people into providing their details while those with genuinely malign intentions will strive to avoid complying with the authorities." I don't often agree with Liberal Democrats but I am with Browne 100%. As with the talking cameras and airport eye scans, this takes Big Brother to a whole new level. Browne correctly stated that the people who will get the ID's, simply because it is the law and not because they have any desire to have their personal biometric information stored on a card , are the law abiding citizens who should not have to. If Labour seriously believes criminals will line up on day one, or at any other time, they need a reality check. The next question is, when ID cards do not achieve the desired results what is next? Microchips implanted under our skin? It may sound far fetched but so did biometric ID cards 20 years ago. We can only hope Labour does not win the next election. I enjoy my freedom. Well, what's left of it anyway.
Visit for more on this very concerning scheme.

Wednesday, 4 April 2007

Iranian Hostages Will Be Released as a "Gift"

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad says 15 British naval personnel captured in the Gulf are free to leave.
Ahmadinejad still maintains that the British sailors and marines "invaded" Iranian waters, but said they were being released as a "gift" to Britain. They are expected to fly home to the UK on Thursday. New television pictures showed the Iranian president smiling, chatting and shaking hands with the crew at the presidential palace in Tehran. It is reported that one crew member said: "I'd like to say that myself and my whole team are very grateful for your forgiveness. I'd like to thank yourself and the Iranian people... Thank you very much, sir." One can only imagine what the crew were really thinking. Ahmadinejad spoke at a news conference marking the Persian New Year for an hour reprimanding the west over its policy in the Middle Wast before even mentioning the hostages. When he did he said,"We have every right to put these people on trial,But I want to give them as a present to the British people to say they are all free." He continued with his "grand gesture" by saying,"I'm asking Mr Blair to not put these 15 personnel on trial because they admitted they came to Iranian territorial water," referring to taped "confessions" made by the British sailors and marines. Ahmadinejad also addressed Prime Minister Blair during the speech. "I ask Mr Blair: Instead of occupying the other countries, I ask Mr Blair to think about the justice, to think about the truth and work for the British people not for himself," Mr Ahmadinejad said. "Unfortunately the British government was not even brave enough to tell their people the truth, that it made a mistake." He even gave the soldiers who captured the Britons medals. Blair did not address the Iranian president in response. Instead he said, "We bear you no ill will. We respect Iran as an ancient civilisation. " I for one do NOT respect Iran and think as soon as we get the sailors out of there we should take a very strong military action against them to discourage this from happening again. Iran has treated us like children and in turn Britain now appears as an easy target for future hostage situations and terrorist activities. Iran gave the hostages back to us as a "gift" Not exactly the image Britain should have. It appears as if we are weak a beholdent to Iran and that, pathetically, we should be indebted to them for being so kind as to return our people. Once again, they held HOSTAGE our men and women, they ATTACKED the British Embassy, the made a spectacle of the hostages on TV. This was all done with the approval of their government and President, but now we should be incredibly grateful for this "gift" they have given us by releasing hostages they never should have taken in the first place?

Big Brother Strikes Again - Talking CCTV Cameras Scheme Expanded

If you live in Middlesbrough I sympathize as I'm sure you know all about these "talking" CCTV Cameras. I have never had the pleasure of coming into contact with one. In fact, the whole idea repulses me. The Government is taking big brother to an entirely new level. "Talking" CCTV cameras that tell off people for littering or committing anti-social behaviour are to be installed in 20 areas across England. Apparently, these cameras are controlled by the control centre staff who watch then use a loudspeaker to tell anyone misbehaving to stop. Apart from being absurd and an unnecessary expense which Britain can ill afford, is this really the way forward? I have almost come to accept the nearly 4.2 million CCTV cameras watching nearly every move we make as a necessary evil. They did help us find several terrorists. This however, is going too far. Britain will feel more like a regime then a democratic country. The prospect of the future the way this government wants it is horrifying. Faceless cameras from above barking orders at us? ID Cards? Eye Scans at airports? I'm scared, are you?

Government Votes for Complete Ban on Smoking

The Government has voted for a complete ban on smoking in pubs, clubs, restaurants and work places from summer 2007. I am a smoker. Should I dodge all the stones being thrown now? It is very popular in this day and age to vehemently state how awful smoking is and how it should be banned. But, have you considered what effect the ban will have? First, the financial effect. Smokers pay enormous taxes on every pack of cigarettes they buy. The government is already having a "cash crisis" so much so that they are suggesting untrained maternity support workers to deliver babies. What effect will the loss of the revenue from cigarette taxes have? At the very best the government will raise our taxes to compensate. Next, The British Medical Journal study of over 30,000 people over a period of 40 years showed zero incidence of higher incidence of lung or heart related disease in families of smokers. The cancer society objects to this study. Not surprising as it would invalidate every other study with regard to second hand smoke. And even assuming the British Medical Journal was wrong it is a violation of our personal liberties to ban public smoking as one could avoid smokers much the same way one avoids perfume if they are allergic. Should an office building in which one person is allergic to nuts ban all nuts? No, the person allergic to nuts should be responsible for avoiding them. Much the same way that a person who does not wish to be around smoke should not sit in the smoking section.

Maternity Support Workers to Replace Midwives to Cut Costs?

Ministers have reneged on the election promise which guaranteed all mothers receive one-to-one care from a midwife during labour. Health Secretary Patricia Hewitt admitted that midwives would probably not be present during the whole labour in any NHS hospital. Campaigners said that costs could be cut by using "maternity support workers" not midwives during the majority of the labour process. There is no national training program for these workers with most trusts insisting they take only an NVQ ( a qualification course lasting only 15 days) versus midwives who endure a rigorous 3 year training program. I would consider the birth of a child one of the most, if not the most, important event in a person's life. The government obviously does not agree or they would not have suggested "support workers" who are meant for jobs such as cleaning up to deliver our babies. What's next to save money... suggesting a family member take a 15 day NVQ so the government doesn't have to pay at all? Royal College of Midwives adviser Sue Jacob said it would be 'nothing short of scandalous' if support workers were left doing the job of midwives. "Women want nothing less than a midwife by their side when they are in labour. We know from all the research that's been done that continuous care from an experienced professional makes a huge difference to the safety of both the mother and the child." I would love to know how the British people feel about this latest suggestion to cut costs at our children's expense by the Blairite Government.

Tuesday, 3 April 2007

Beckett Doubts Swift resolution with Iran ... "We are not seeking a military confrontation"

Foreign Secretary Margaret Beckett says that we shouldn't hope for a swift resolution to the hostage situation in Iran. She continues to stress that the government is not seeking a military confrontation with Iran and continuing to pursue diplomatic channels. The Iranians don't seem particularly interested as they still have not responded to a formal note sent by Britain. Beckett's comments came after new pictures of the hostages were released and as Tony Blair said negotiations to free them were entering a "critical" phase. I think we passed critical quite some time ago Mr. Blair. As far as Margaret Beckett is concerned I would love to know what she defines as a "swift resolution" because I guarantee if she was the one held in Iran or it was a family member of hers she would be a lot more enthusiastic about rescuing them by any means! Diplomatic channels are NOT working, neither is sending notes which Iran ignores. Day ONE we should have given them the option to return the hostages or face military action. Day twelve, why are we still discussing this?

Tory Proposal for Sandhurst Style College for Police

Tory spokesman on police reform Nick Herbert today said : ''We are told that officer numbers are at record levels, but where are they? Vast amounts of police time are spent tied up in stations, officers spend more time on paperwork than on patrol, and less than a tenth of officers are dedicated to neighbourhood policing.'' If this is the case which is not surprising in the slightest then why were 4 police officers sent to the 11 year olds house for making a politically incorrect comment? Between paperwork and minor crimes there are not any police left to deal with dangerous criminals. I do think the police need an overhaul and the Tory's proposal of a Sandhurst style college may work. Herbert stated: ''The police's hands must be untied to give them the discretion they need and to release officers for front line duties. Unnecessary forms should be scrapped and antiquated computer systems joined up to eliminate the multiple keying of data - a major impediment to efficiency. Central direction and targets should be replaced by locally accountable leadership. Police officers will be returned to the streets where people want to see them" The Key points of this plan are :

American-style elected commissioners to replace police boards, who would have the power to hire and fire chief constables.

A police Sandhurst to train a cadre of officers who would provide new leadership.

A crack-down on sick pay abuses that cost £243 million a year.

The abolition of the rule that requires senior officers to start as constables, as a way of attracting top-notch graduates to the service.

Scrapping forms and processes - including the "stop and account" form - imposed by Whitehall.

Creating a new force of police reservists similar to the part-time "retained" fire officers.

Something needs to be done and this plan seems well thought out and practical. Now, we wait to see if it actual gets put to practice.

Monday, 2 April 2007

4 Police Officers sent to deal with 11 Year Old Boy for being Politically Incorrect

I could not believe my ears when I heard this. Apparently a little 11 year old boy received visits from not one but FOUR police officers after making 1 comment to a schoolmate. He called him Gay and apparently meant it in a harmless way. He explained he was using it to mean stupid. Now, it might not be the most politically correct thing to say but does it require 4 police officers, NO. The police claimed 11 year old George was being investigated for a "very serious" homophobic crime. George used the word "gay" in an email to a 10 yr old classmate.

This just epitomizes the problem with our government. Four police officers for 1 comment by an eleven yr old... I couldn't get 4 police officers to my house if I had been robbed! Our government is far to busy chasing after people like this 11 year old to actually deal with real crime. While they are wasting police time on this child how many serious crimes are happening in your neighborhood?

If our Government spent as much time tracking down dangerous criminals and terrorists as they did on this little boy imagine how much safer our country would be. Or they could even put a little of their resources into rescuing the hostages from Iran.

Britian Rewarded for Playing Nice with Iran over Hostages ... Are you Serious?

From the Telegraph "Iran today softened its rhetoric in the ongoing diplomatic dispute with Britain, promising not to show further television confessions as a reward for "positive changes" in the British negotiating stance."

What are we... children? Any why on earth are we letting these people treat us as such. We (the civilized British people) are allowing Iran (the terrorists holding our men and women hostage) to scold us then reward us for acquiescing to them in the way we handle the situation? What is wrong with our Government? Someone please enlighten me.

Let me recap. Iran takes HOSTAGE 15 British men and women. Iranians ATTACK the British Embassy with the consent of their government. The Iranian government controlled TV station parades two sailors on television where they are forced to point to a map and apoligise. Iran completely ignores our demands to return the hostages. Instead of using force the British government is walking on eggshells and are being rewarded by Iran saying, "Good Boy, if you behave we won't parade the hostages on tv anymore" ... Just the result we always wanted, we look pathetic and an easy target. HOW ABOUT USING FORCE IF NECESSARY TO GET THEM BACK... Enough nicey nice and chatting over tea. How dare our government allow Iran to get away with this degrading treatment of our men women and country!

New Video of UK Hostages in Iran .. When Will it End?

The situation in Iran is completely out of control. The latest video show two more of the British hostages last night aploigising to their captors. The hostages were identified as Royal Marines Captain Chris Air and Royal Navy Lieutenant Felix Carman. The men, in combat fatigues, were shown pointing to a map of the Persian Gulf. The Iranian Al-Alum TV (which is run by Iran's government) said the hostages were identifying where the British Royal Navy Boats had crossed into Iranian waters leading to their capture. Lieitenant Carment then proceeded so say “I would like to say to the Iranian people I can understand why you were so angry about our intrusion.”

To say this video is unacceptable is like saying a speck of dirt is sligtly on the small side. It is an outrage that they were taken hostage in the first place. An outrage that has only been compounded by the fact that these men and women are now being forced to act as mouthpieces for this horrible country and their fanatics and that our government is taking no definative or concrete action to recover them , forceably or otherwise. And did I mention, this video was being shot while they were attacking the British Embassy. How much more provacation does our government need? Do we sit patiently and have polite telephone conversations with Iran while they hold our people hostage and attack our country ? In case you are unaware the embassy is considered British soil and the Iranian Government is condoning this attack! No more talking or polite discussions... do what it takes to show Iran we will not tolerate this, if we do not draw the line here, what is next?

Sunday, 1 April 2007

Government of Iran Supports Attack on UK Embassy ... WHY ARE WE NOT TAKING ACTION AGAINST IRAN?

This is from the BBC: Iranian students have thrown firecrackers and rocks into the British embassy compound during a protest in the capital Tehran.
About 200 people demonstrated against what they say was the illegal entry into Iranian waters of 15 UK Royal Navy personnel captured nine days ago. The BBC's correspondent, who was outside the embassy when the missiles were thrown, said the demonstrators were hardline Islamist students from Tehran University.
The protesters,whose demonstration was allowed by the Iranian government , were chanting "death to Britain" and calling for the deportation of the British ambassador, she said

I would love to know why we have not taken action against Iran to rescue our men and women. Exactly what Mr. Blair is thinking! Maybe he is to concerned with being questioned by the police over the "Cash for Honours" scandal. Maybe he is to busy playing tennis with sleazy Levy. Who knows. What I can not understand is why nothing is being done. By nothing I dont mean to imply they are not having a nice chat on the phone while having their afternoon tea, but I do mean no real action. Holding 15 of our citizens hostage is an act of WAR and should be treated as such. And why are we standing by letting the Iranian Government condone and sponser an attack on our Embassy? Iran has SPONSERED an attack on British soil !! The government should use whatever means are necessary to bring our soldiers home!! We need to show Iran that we will not toelrate this!