Saturday, 31 March 2007


The view is starting to surface that David Miliband will NOT challenge Brown for the leadership. Not surprising after it was said he would be "human sacrifice" by foriegn secretary Beckett if he chose to stand. It looks as though Miliband is more likely than not positioning himself for a top position in Brown's governement although he has not ruled out standing. If this is the case former home secretary Clarke is ready to challenge Brown. Not necessarily a bad thing as it would force Brown to make public exactly where he stands. Many labour supporters (if there are many left after the recent scandals plaguing Blair's governement) would welcome the challenge as it would give them a chance to openly debate Labour's future.


Terry Waite, who was kidnapped in Beirut while trying to negotiate a hostage release in 1987, offered to travel to Tehran to try to secure the release of the 14 servicemen and one woman.
“I don’t think one needs to be afraid of these people, but one does need to have respect for their point of view, whether you agree with it or not,” said Waite, who spent almost five years as the hostage of an Iranian-backed fundamentalist group in Beirut.

This is ABSURD!! What is the world coming to when a former kidnap victim says you need to respect Iran's point of view!!!!! I admire Mr. Waite's courage for offering to go to Tehran to attempt to secure the release of the service men and women but who brainwashed him to say we need to unDerstand their point of view. I DON'T CARE ABOUT THEIR POINT OF VIEW, DO YOU... they KIDNAPPED and are holding HOSTAGE our servicemen and women, forcing them to make videotapes and write letter and doing god knows what else to them. I still say use whatever force is necessary to bring them home!!!



The Mail Printed the following:
Their captors wished to show them looking relaxed and in their own clothes, continuing the "theme" of the first footage of the captives broadcast on Wednesday, when they were shown tucking into a meal in a bid to show how well they were being treated.
In the video, Royal Navy sailor Summers, from Hayle, Cornwall, appears to admit 'trespassing' into Iranian waters but the video displayed signs of editing, suggesting his words were being manipulated.
Looking relaxed and in his camouflage fatigues, he said: "I would like to apologise for entering your waters without permission. Since we have been arrested in Iran our treatment has been very friendly. We have not been harmed at all. They've looked after us really well."
The video had clearly been cut and edited between his reference to "trespass" and "apologise".
The new letter purportedly written by 25-year-old Mrs Turney, the mother of a three-year-old daughter, demonstrated even more obviously than the previous two how she is merely mouthing the words of the Iranians.

WE NEED TO RESCUE OUR MEN AND WOMEN!! Of course the video showed signs of editing...these people holding our men and women are TERRORISTS, who will lie, manipulate and torture into getting what they want then say it is our fault and, depending on their particular mood, that either we, or their religion made them do it. I think our government should grow a backbone and use whatever force necessary to get our people back home!!

Foriegn Secretary calls David Miliband a "Human Sacrifice"

FOREIGN Secretary Margaret Beckett has 'warned' that David Miliband would be offering himself up as a “human sacrifice” if he stood in a Labour leadership battle. When addressing speculation about the minister challenging Gordon Brown Beckett added that Miliband was a “very good minister” as Secretary for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs but the though of challenging Brown was," complete nonsense."She continued saying that “He is very bright. He is a very good minister. I am sure he will be a major figure in the party for a long time to come and a major contender at some time in the future.“But should he take this step to satisfy someone else’s prejudices? He would be daft,” she added. Obvousely not to Beckett but to several others Miliband has been considered to be a candidate who would appeal to supporters of Prime Minister Tony Blair. Any supporters Mr. Blair has left apart from Lord Cashpoint, that is. Although I hear through the grapevine that Lord "Cashpoint" Levy in none to happy with Mr Blair at the moment. I wouldn't be either if I was being made to take the fall when Mr Blair was obviouely complicit! Good Luck to the lucky winner who get to take over this Government ... Its an uphill battle!

Friday, 30 March 2007

Prince William's Long Time Girlfriend has had Enough!

Middleton Files Official Complaint Against British Tabloid.
3oth March
Middleton Files Official Complaint Against British Tabloid.... British royal Prince William's girlfriend Kate Middleton has made an official complaint against a British tabloid for printing photographs obtained "as a result of harassment".
Ms. Middleton who many assume will marry the Prince filed a formal complaint with the British media watchdog, the Press Complaints Commission (Pcc), yesterday (29March07) after the Daily Mirror printed photographs of the English beauty, which she claims infringed upon her right to privacy.
The Pcc has launched an investigation to determine whether the newspaper breached the commission's code of practice when taking the picture of the 25-year-old walking to work, clutching a cup and her car keys.
A statement released by the Pcc says, "The Press Complaints Commission has today received a formal complaint from Kate Middleton that a photograph of her in today's Daily Mirror was obtained as a result of harassment in breach of Clause 4 (Harassment) of the Code of Practice."
The clause states that "journalists must not engage in intimidation, harassment or persistent pursuit.

This is not the first time Ms. Middleton has filed a complaint. I'm a bit sorry for the girl but what does she expect when she actually marries Prince William (if she is so lucky), a nice quiet life in the country?

Monday, 26 March 2007

Lord Cashpoint Strikes again!! New victim Courtney Coventry

I read the article about Courtney Coventry in Mail yesterday. The scandals never cease to amaze me. The Mail seems to be attacking Courtney and her husband when they should be attacking Lord Levy and Tony Blair. From the sound of it Courtney Coventry was simply attempting to expose how corrupt Lord Cashpoint is. The smile on sleazy Levy's face was bigger than usual.... I bet it was Tony Blair's smile is pretty big too(see the picture we found) , she is gorgeous!! In that picture he looks like he's going to get a cramp in his face he is smiling so hard. I bet she had no idea what she was walking into, a twenty year old from America versus a old sleaze like Levy who has been squeezing money from people's bank accounts his entire life! I think we should thank the girl and I wish more people would speak honestly about Levy and the many ways he squeezes cash out of people... cash for honours ring a bell, tennis with tony?