Saturday, 16 June 2007

Back from Holiday

Just returned from holiday (yes I realise I was meant to be back Wed but the beach held me hostage)

Blogpower Awards: Thank you very much for all of your support and votes! Despite all of the whining and tantrums that appeared to go on in my abcense we did extremely well and even took first place in Best Unintentionally Humourous Category as well as 2nd Place in Best Ranter Category, 2nd Place in Best Political Blog, 3rd Place in Best Little Blogger, and 3rd Place in Most Under-rated!

With regard to the suggestions and complaints that this blog supports the BNP have the people making these comments actually bothered to read this blog?

Just to clarify, this blog proudly supports the CONSERVATIVE Party. While I fully respect each and every individual's political views as well as the right to express those views I in NO WAY agree with the BNP and in all honesty believe they are rather "out there."

With that said I would just like to thank all those who voted for UK News and Politics again, it was a remarkable result and quite unexpected.

Absurd News of the Week

US City Imposes New Dress Code

From the Telegraph:
A town council in Louisiana has made it a crime to wear baggy trousers that expose the underwear. Residents of Delcambre in the southern US state face six months in jail or a fine of $500 (£254) if they are caught wearing trousers which show their undergarments.

How exactly are they going to impose this law. If one bends over and their knickers show slightly will they be tossed in jail? I wonder if they realise how ridulous this law is. I am not fond of the look they are banning but this law is a perfect example of making a mountain out of a molehill.