Monday, 26 March 2007

Lord Cashpoint Strikes again!! New victim Courtney Coventry

I read the article about Courtney Coventry in Mail yesterday. The scandals never cease to amaze me. The Mail seems to be attacking Courtney and her husband when they should be attacking Lord Levy and Tony Blair. From the sound of it Courtney Coventry was simply attempting to expose how corrupt Lord Cashpoint is. The smile on sleazy Levy's face was bigger than usual.... I bet it was Tony Blair's smile is pretty big too(see the picture we found) , she is gorgeous!! In that picture he looks like he's going to get a cramp in his face he is smiling so hard. I bet she had no idea what she was walking into, a twenty year old from America versus a old sleaze like Levy who has been squeezing money from people's bank accounts his entire life! I think we should thank the girl and I wish more people would speak honestly about Levy and the many ways he squeezes cash out of people... cash for honours ring a bell, tennis with tony?


mike r said...

I read the story you are referring to. The movie the mail says is porn ,Dirt Merchant, is actually a comedy so I dont know why they said porn star as I cant find anything with her in it (looking purely for informative reasons). Either way I can't stick Levy so Im with you, good on her! Funny comment about Blair ... it is a rather big smile but then again I'd be smiling too next to her

David said...

She's pretty and very young, I bet Levy tried to take advantage of that. Heard this called the "Courtney Affair" .. any idea why?

Anonymous said...

Yes Courtney Coventry is good looking but I don't know what to make of her. Pretty and naive, as suggested? Maybe, Im not sure.