Wednesday, 25 April 2007

Leaked Memo of Talks Between Blair and Bush

Blair and Labour have lost the trust of the British people. Therefore it would not be surprising to find that this government has caused the rest of the world to lose trust in the UK as well.

Thankfully the leak of this memo was stopped, but what
happens next time when it is
not? All the more reason to
NOT vote for Labour at the next general
election. Whether we choose to admit it or not
the UK needs the support of our allies
and a breach in trust and/or breakdown of
communication would be disastrous for our country.

Over the past several years Blair and the Labour party have made many poor decisions, broken promises and been involved in more than a few scandals which have caused great embarrassment to the remarkable country we live in. Under Gordon Brown, or any Labour MP who has been a central part of Blair's government, do we really expect this to change?

The latest incident, the leaked memo, could have not only have "raised international tensions," according to Dave Perry QC but he also agreed that it would have"seriously damaged relations with friendly governments" as well as threatening life and public order and the "operational effectiveness of the security of UK or allied forces".

Civil servant David Keogh, 50, and MP's researcher Leo O'Connor, 44 deny three charges under the Official Secrets Act. Mr Keogh is said to have passed the record of the meeting between Blair and Bush to researcher Mr O'Connor. The contents of the memo are so sensitive that they are not being disclosed in open court and much of the trial is being held behind closed doors.

Mr Blair's foreign policy adviser Sir Nigel Sheinwald said a leak would have sparked worldwide anger. Sir Nigel described how the leaking of such a secret and sensitive document could have damaged Britain's alliances within the world and destroyed the trust needed for governments to speak openly to each other and that it would have put UK forces at risk.

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