Saturday, 9 June 2007

Blogpower Awards- Vote Early and Often!!

I will be out of town from Sat 9 June until Wed 12 June and will be writing posts if (hopefully when) I have any free time. We are still doing well in the Blogpower Awards but need your votes to pull ahead of the current leaders! Thanks for all your support and keep voting! You can vote once per day and the link to the polls can be found HERE


james higham said...

No, you can vote more often than that. We dropped the notice about once a day when we discovered that the system allows votes sooner than that - it's working on IP addresses.

Please don't stop voting for UK News and Politics.

james higham said...

I think it is only fair , given this morning's extraordinary events, to point you to this:

... and to tell you that there is a decision being made this morning regarding BNP supported nominees.

You'll be the first to know and I'll e-mail you directly {I think I have it from the nominations phase].

As you know, you and I don't personally cross paths in any category so you know that this is in no way personal. It's an administrative matter.

Regards, James Higham

Sockpuppet said...

I shall certainly be supporting you.

We need to make a stand against these whinging liberal lefties.

We need to cleanse this green and pleasant land from socialists, feminists, gypsies, jews, immigrants, homosexuals, west indians, muslims, catholics, liberals, freemasons, freethinkers, non conformists, cannabis smokers, liberals, guardian readers, republicans, smokers, etc.

Be more room for you and me then.

I'm voting for you!!!!