Saturday, 2 June 2007

Next General Election in 2009?

All of those hoping for a quick general election will be disappointed today. Although he did not intend to, Gordon Brown accidentally let slip that the next general election is planned for 2009. After realizing what he had said, Brown promptly backtracked on this comment.

"That is why, when I was asked about what we can do to make it possible for us to win more seats in 2011 (the next scheduled Scottish Parliament election) and win the general election in 2009, we have to be the Labour party listening and involved with the people of this country. "

The meeting came to an abrupt halt after this statement due to a fire alarm going off. When it resumed shortly after Brown backtracked on his previous statement. He told one questioner: "I was asked what we could do as a party to win the Scottish election in future and the general election - and I should say whenever the general election comes in the future".

So much for getting straight answers out of Brown. Blair's era of political deception continues.


Linda Haywood said...

I recently interviewed William Hague and he said that there should be an immediate election - however, you would say that if you were as far ahead in the polls as the Conservatives are!

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