Monday, 16 April 2007

Blair's Plans Regarding Final Weeks in Office and Progress Made During His Leadership

In an interview with BBC1's The Politics Show yesterday, Mr Blair refused to be drawn into discussions on speculation regarding the succession. The Prime Minister said he was confident his legacy would be secure as a reformer of public services.

In comments that risked irritating Mr Brown he said that in his final weeks in office he would cementing New Labour's long-term reforms. "We will over the next few weeks be putting in place the main building blocks or the final building blocks for reform," he said.

Mr Blair denied he was "binding the hands" of Mr Brown. He said it was not about binding the Chancellor to a future agenda but doing what was right for the country.

Tony Blair also said, " British troops in Iraq and Afghanistan are fighting terrorism on the front line. The forces of extremism needed to be tackled to offer security to the whole world, he told the BBC. Blair's words are correct howver his actions do not seem to follow. If Blair truly believed what he was saying he would not have walked on egshells when Iran took our sailors and marines hostage.

The PM also spoke about the progress the Government has made since 1997 in health, education and anti-social behaviour. He said the changes in these areas "would stand the test of time". As far as the changes he has made, the NHS is overcrowded and understaffed. School children are not making the progress they should be according to the latest tests. Antisocial behavior is not signifiacntly better yet the Government's intrusion into our lives is dramatically worse. We now have over 4.2 million CCTV cameras across Britain with the "Talking" CCTV cameras now being installed across 20 areas in Britian. Also, we must not forget that Blair has said if Labour wins the next election we will be required to own a Biometric ID card.

Blair has made progress, progress in creating a Big Brother and surviellence society. However, this is not the progress we voted for at the last election.

Blair is attempting to continue to shape the government and its policies long after he leaves. The only problem is the majority of the public do not agree with his handling of Britain at the moment and are looking forward to the day he resigns. The last thing we need is for the country to be in Blair's clutches even after he is gone.

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Alan said...

In the photo on this item, Tony Bleaugh looks so like the last labout PM to resign - all that is needed is a Gannex raincoat (he was made a Lord too) and a pipe.

Alan Douglas