Saturday, 14 April 2007

Labour - The Battle to Suceed Blair

Former Home Secretary Charles Clarke is heading the 'Stop Gordon Brown' campaign. He fired the opening shots in what threatens to be a fiercely-fought battle to succeed Tony Blair.
"Recent political history is littered with leadership favourites who have been pipped at the post," said Clarke. "There is no reason why the Chancellor should not suffer the same shock defeat." Mr Clarke, who recently called Mr Brown a 'deluded control freak', says that it is impossible to predict what will happen when Mr Blair resigns next month and the Labour leadership race starts in earnest.

The Labour Party during the last few years has had one problem after another. Most recently with the cash for honours inquiry, the handling of the Hostage Crisis, and now the battle within the party to succeed Blair. This Government is NOT heading in the right direction. We can only hope at the next general election the the public will see through the empty promises which they will no doubt make and NOT support Labour. Britain needs to rebuild its image as a country and government with strong effective leadership instead of the current image of a weak scandal-filled government in which one hand has no idea what the other is doing.

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