Sunday, 6 May 2007

Question of the Week

Does it concern you that Tony Blair intends to use his final weeks in office to surrender British powers to Brussels as part of his drive for a European "legacy" ? Bearing in mind the repercussion this may have on the future of Britain do you believe Blair is more concerned with securing his "legacy" during his final weeks in office or the future of the country?

The article relating to this can be found at Blair's Desire for a European Legacy

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Alan Douglas said...

So Blair gets the Presidency a few months, having bought it with even more of the British peoples' freedoms.

Sound like a good exchange to me ...

Alan Douglas

Liz said...

If Blair does go ahead with this it will be a disaster for the UK. If he makes a decision of that gravity as he leaves office it shows total disregard for the British people and their opinions.

thebestnewsfirst said...

Alan you are correct. It is sad, but true, that Blair's desire for a legacy will come at the expense of the British people. His Labour government has repeatedly taken away many of the freedoms we once enjoyed with their CCTV cameras and now, if they win the next general election, mandatory biometric id cards. If this happened in any other country we would be condeming the government. However since it is in Britain it is accepted as necessary for "nation security"