Tuesday, 8 May 2007

Rally Yesterday Demanding Amnesty for Hundreds of Thousands of Illegal Immigrants

Thousands of protesters took part in a rally at Trafalgar Square yesterday demanding that immigrants who have been in Britain for longer than 4 years be given a two year work permit without access to benefits. However at the end of the two years, providing certain conditions have been met they would be given indefinite leave to remain. These tests include an English test, criminal checks, and employer references.

Well known figures who joined in the protest included Dr Tom Butler the Anglican Bishop of Southwark, Labour deputy leadership contender Jon Cruddas, Baroness Shirley Williams and Billy Bragg, the singer and political activist.

Both Labour, apart from the Deputy Leader contender Jon Cruddas, (which is no surprise as Labour can rarely agree within the party) and the Conservatives have rejected the idea thankfully.

The shadow home affairs minister, Damian Green, said "We are not attracted to the idea of an amnesties. Experience from abroad shows that they attract illegal immigration. The long-term solution is to have an efficient asylum system which allows people to have their case heard quickly, so that we do not develop the huge backlog from which this government now suffers."

Green is correct. The last thing the UK needs is more illegal immigration. Offering amnesty to the illegal immigrants currently here would simply invite more people to illegally enter and reside in Britain. It would be effectively rewarding immigrants for getting away with breaking the law by living illegally in the UK for an extended period of time . It is completely illogical and would simply serve to make the problem even worse than it already is.

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