Wednesday, 27 June 2007

Blair Resigns From Politics - Champagne Anyone?

Blair has not only stood down as Prime Minister he has also resigned as an MP today . Mr Blair went back Trimdon Labour Club for the first time as an ex-prime minister and announced he would also be resigning immediately as an MP. Some were more pleased then others to see Blair on his home ground again. One Trimdon woman made sure she left before he arrived. The mother of three said "He only ever comes here for the publicity, or when there's a crisis down south. They get everyone in who knows him and it looks like he's a man of the people. But the truth is he hardly knows anyone here, and as far as I'm concerned he doesn't do anything for us." Her husband, a 42-year-old joiner, has been a member of the club at Trimdon for more than 15 years. Did he vote Labour? "Labour?" he said. "This is not Labour, it's Tony Blair's Labour"
And Tony Blair's Labour has hopefully come to an end and along with it the years of Labour sleaze and broken promises. Brown has promised change and thus far there have been several resignations and discussions of a much younger cabinet.
Blair may have been PM for a long time but the old saying is true quality over quantity. The quantity is there but the quality was lost long ago.

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brianna said...

If you are taking some responsibility you have to fulfill it with full efforts and if Blair did not complete his duties then he has not rite to Command a very honorable post of the country.