Wednesday, 27 June 2007

Britain's Regional Flood Defense Committee Told to Prepare For Further Cuts

Tony Blair, in his last day as prime minister, expressed sympathy for the families of the dead and said more money would need to be spent on flood prevention. Interesting considering that last year the Government slashed £15million off spending - and yesterday it emerged Britain's Regional Flood Defence Committee had been told to prepare for further cuts.

A document sent out by the Environment Agency warned local flooding teams not to expect any extra cash from ministers - meaning a cut in real terms.

Chris Huhne, the Liberal Democrat environment spokesman, said: "At a time of storms, droughts and floods, we need more and better maintained flood defences not the cuts in real terms that regional flood defence committees have been asked to make.
"This is another example of the Chancellor failing to grasp the significance of climate change and our need for new defences against natural disasters.

On BBC News tonight the Enviormental Secretary was asked what they are doing or have done to prevent flood damage. Her answer was that councils will be handing out empty sandbags which people can fill up to help with the flooding. EMPTY? I watched this and thought she made a mistake and waited for her to correct herself and say they will be handing out sandbags (ie full of sand) but alas it never happened. Where exactly are the local villagers being affected by the floods going to get sand to fill these up with. I hardly think they have sand stockpiled in the garden shed.

The death toll of the flood reached 5 today with the latest victims being a county court judge and an 11 year old boy. Locals say the government should have done more. however the enviormental secretary said it was the councils job after being agressively questioned on BBC. I guess she subscribes to the philospohy, if in doubt blame someone else.

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