Thursday, 12 April 2007

Hostages Selling Their Stories .. I Have to Say It

I am sure many people will disagree with me, but I have to say it. I can not believe that the British sailors and marines who were held hostage are selling their stories for a profit. This simple fact has changed my perception of them quite a bit, even more if they do not donate the money to a charity for the families of the soldiers who were not as lucky. The men and women who DIED FIGHTING for their country.

This entire hostage crisis has made a mockery of Britain and it is being exacerbated by this latest development. I am grateful they arrived home safely and I can accept the choice they made to go along with the Iranians version of events to save themselves. However, I would not, as some people are, call them heroes per say. They were doing their job, as every other person enlisted is. It is an incredibly honourable job that requires a great deal of courage. We should be very grateful to ALL the men and women who defend our country on a daily basis. What I don't understand is why these sailors and marines are any greater heroes than the others who are, as I write this, doing the exact same thing. Yes, they were captured. Yes, I'm certain it was a horrible experience. But they are now safely on British soil, whereas the 4 soldiers from Iraq have been returned to British soil not safely, but in body bags. I think those 4, and all the others like them, who gave their lives for this country are the true heroes. The true heroes are the soldiers and their families who will now fight to get through every day knowing they will never see their loved one again.

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