Monday, 9 April 2007

Question Of The Week

Do you feel there should be reprucussions for the schools who fingerprinted school children, without parental consent, then proceeded to tell these children there was no need to inform their parents?


george said...

Yes! Blair and his government are shameless. Whether it is taking a child's fingerprints without their parents knowledge, trying to backdoor ID cards, talking people into giving them money in the cash for honours scandal, or just trying to convince the naive young woman, Courtney Coventry , you mentioned in your post into parting with her cash. They are underhanded manipulative liars and not the government we were promised when we elected them. Something needs to be done to protect the public and especially our children. Namely, do NOT vote labour in the next election!

beth said...

The headmasters who permitted this should be let go and all fingerprints destroyed. It is unnacceptable.