Friday, 4 May 2007

Labour's Worst Election Performance in 35 Years

The morning after the Chancellor is contemplating the repercussions of the final round of national elections on Mr Blair's watch.

Voters turned their backs on Labour. It is Labour's worst election performance in 35 years papers are reporting. Early projections have given the Conservatives 41 per cent of the national vote, bringing David Cameron within reach of a general election victory. VOTE CAMERON!!! :) ( Getting practice in for the General Election)

By 6am the Conservatives had gained 300 seats, while Labour had lost 151 seats and the Liberal Democrats 106 seats.Labour is still set to record its lowest number of councillors since 1973.

The less than brilliant night triggered calls for a fundamental review of the party's direction. I'm amazed Labour waited this long to review the party's direction. Perhaps they should call a general election and let Cameron (ie. a competent leader) run the Country while Labour contemplates its' "new direction".

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