Friday, 4 May 2007

Tony Blair Defiant but Delusional over Election Results on His Way Out

Tony Blair insisted today Labour had "a perfectly good springboard to go on and win the next General Election." Was Blair watching the same results as the rest of us? Labour lost hundreds of English council seats, saw power slip away in the Welsh Assembly and woke to see the fight against the SNP for the Scottish Parliament on a knife-edge. The results set the scene for a close-fought general election between David Cameron and Gordon Brown with Cameron having a very good chance at victory.

Mr Cameron enjoyed a good night. Conservatives got the equivalent to a 41 per cent share of a general election vote which is 14 points ahead of Labour's 27 per cent. If repeated at a general election it would give him an overall majority. He declared: "This is a stunning set of results. We are the one national party speaking up for Britain."

Among the Tory gains were control of 15 councils including Chester, Plymouth, North Warwickshire, Gravesham and Dover, Woking, Waverley and South Ribble.
They became the biggest party in Birmingham City for the first time in 24 years.

Labour chair Hazel Blears admitted: "It's a tough time for us." But she said the "fundamentals" were right to win a fourth term. "Ten years into a third term it was always going to be difficult for us," she went on. "But David Cameron has not made the gains he needed. I don't get the sense that people want to sweep us out." If that is what Blears believes she needs a reality check. The British people of tired of the era of Labour Sleaze. It is just too bad that Brown is to scared that he would not win to call a general election to let the people have their say after Blair resigns . I think Blears would be surprised at how quickly the British people do want to sweep them out.

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