Saturday, 5 May 2007

Sucessful Result for David Cameron and the Conservatives

David Cameron's Conservatives have strong hopes of winning the next general election. And they should do after Labour suffered a historic national collapse yesterday. the Chancellor now faces what some say is an insurmountable task to restore a party which has been severely damaged weeks before he is due to take over from Tony Blair.

The Conservatives 40 per cent share of the vote would translate at a general election into a majority of about 20. Cameron is on the right track to victory in the next general election. The British Public have shown they have had their share of the era of Labour sleaze, broken promises and scandals. We are looking for new direction and, after winning over 850 council seats, it is becoming apparent Cameron in the person for the job. With results in from 303 councils, the Tories had won 856 new seats and taken control of another 38 authorities, many in areas which for a decade have been hostile to the Tories.

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