Tuesday, 3 April 2007

Beckett Doubts Swift resolution with Iran ... "We are not seeking a military confrontation"

Foreign Secretary Margaret Beckett says that we shouldn't hope for a swift resolution to the hostage situation in Iran. She continues to stress that the government is not seeking a military confrontation with Iran and continuing to pursue diplomatic channels. The Iranians don't seem particularly interested as they still have not responded to a formal note sent by Britain. Beckett's comments came after new pictures of the hostages were released and as Tony Blair said negotiations to free them were entering a "critical" phase. I think we passed critical quite some time ago Mr. Blair. As far as Margaret Beckett is concerned I would love to know what she defines as a "swift resolution" because I guarantee if she was the one held in Iran or it was a family member of hers she would be a lot more enthusiastic about rescuing them by any means! Diplomatic channels are NOT working, neither is sending notes which Iran ignores. Day ONE we should have given them the option to return the hostages or face military action. Day twelve, why are we still discussing this?

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