Monday, 2 April 2007

New Video of UK Hostages in Iran .. When Will it End?

The situation in Iran is completely out of control. The latest video show two more of the British hostages last night aploigising to their captors. The hostages were identified as Royal Marines Captain Chris Air and Royal Navy Lieutenant Felix Carman. The men, in combat fatigues, were shown pointing to a map of the Persian Gulf. The Iranian Al-Alum TV (which is run by Iran's government) said the hostages were identifying where the British Royal Navy Boats had crossed into Iranian waters leading to their capture. Lieitenant Carment then proceeded so say “I would like to say to the Iranian people I can understand why you were so angry about our intrusion.”

To say this video is unacceptable is like saying a speck of dirt is sligtly on the small side. It is an outrage that they were taken hostage in the first place. An outrage that has only been compounded by the fact that these men and women are now being forced to act as mouthpieces for this horrible country and their fanatics and that our government is taking no definative or concrete action to recover them , forceably or otherwise. And did I mention, this video was being shot while they were attacking the British Embassy. How much more provacation does our government need? Do we sit patiently and have polite telephone conversations with Iran while they hold our people hostage and attack our country ? In case you are unaware the embassy is considered British soil and the Iranian Government is condoning this attack! No more talking or polite discussions... do what it takes to show Iran we will not tolerate this, if we do not draw the line here, what is next?


Elliott said...

Next? Nuclear weapons.

Anonymous said...

Can't we just blow up their key cities. I wouldn't miss Iran, would you? Maybe after a few cities are gone the Iranian people would stop supporting the terrorist enabling government.