Friday, 6 April 2007

The "Real Gift" From Iran Was The Bomb They Supplied Iraq To Kill Our Soldiers

Diplomacy worked, sure it did. Iran may have returned 15 servicemen but today 4 died at the hands of an Iranian made bomb in Iraq. Four soldiers, two of them women, died when a huge Iranian-made bomb hit their patrol in Iraq. The blast exposed Ahmadinejad as the callous terrorist and hypocrite he is. While the 15 sailors and marines were on their way home from Iran, Iraqis were collecting souvenirs from the wreckage that killed our soldiers and celebrating around the 3 foot crater in the road near Basra . Blair's response was, "On the one hand we are glad that our service personnel are returned from their captivity. But on the other we return to the sober and ugly reality of what is happening through terrorism in Iraq." Perhaps if Mr. Blair took a stronger stance and there were consequences to terrorism it would no longer occur in such frequency. Including the Basra deaths six British soldiers have now been killed in six days in Iraq. This attack near Basra was carefully planned. It came at 2am just as the soldiers were returning to base after a counter-insurgency search in the slum district of Hayaniya. One vehicle was caught in a blast thought top have triggered by remote control. Britain and America have repeatedly blamed Iran for supplying the special armour-piercing bombs and triggering mechanisms used by Iraqi insurgents. So it seems we have Iran to thank for this "gift" as well. Tory MP Patrick Mercer, a former infantry commander, said last night: "This is the reality of the smile on the face of the Iranian tiger. What the Iranians have delivered with one hand they have taken away with the other." This attack just adds to the humiliation Blair has subjected Britain to over the hostage crisis. As I have said before, unless we take a strong military action against these people we will be terrorized indefinitely. Why would they stop? Thus far there have been no consequences for the vicious attacks and acts of terrorism they repeatedly inflicted on our country.

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