Sunday, 1 April 2007

Government of Iran Supports Attack on UK Embassy ... WHY ARE WE NOT TAKING ACTION AGAINST IRAN?

This is from the BBC: Iranian students have thrown firecrackers and rocks into the British embassy compound during a protest in the capital Tehran.
About 200 people demonstrated against what they say was the illegal entry into Iranian waters of 15 UK Royal Navy personnel captured nine days ago. The BBC's correspondent, who was outside the embassy when the missiles were thrown, said the demonstrators were hardline Islamist students from Tehran University.
The protesters,whose demonstration was allowed by the Iranian government , were chanting "death to Britain" and calling for the deportation of the British ambassador, she said

I would love to know why we have not taken action against Iran to rescue our men and women. Exactly what Mr. Blair is thinking! Maybe he is to concerned with being questioned by the police over the "Cash for Honours" scandal. Maybe he is to busy playing tennis with sleazy Levy. Who knows. What I can not understand is why nothing is being done. By nothing I dont mean to imply they are not having a nice chat on the phone while having their afternoon tea, but I do mean no real action. Holding 15 of our citizens hostage is an act of WAR and should be treated as such. And why are we standing by letting the Iranian Government condone and sponser an attack on our Embassy? Iran has SPONSERED an attack on British soil !! The government should use whatever means are necessary to bring our soldiers home!! We need to show Iran that we will not toelrate this!


Edward R said...

I completely agree. Look how Isreal responded. It is completely unacceptable that no concrete action is being taken.

A. Christensen Johnson said...

As an American, I whole-heartedly support the use of any means at the disposal of both the United States and the United Kingdom. If something happens to "Tommy," then "G.I. Joe" should step in, too. While I understand that not everyone in the EU, Russia, et al will be on our side on this one, I think that we have to do more than wag our fingers at Iran like some ineffectual nanny. "Time-out" is not the answer, here, I think we need to seriously "spank" the Iranians, and to hell with what the Russians say. I'm open for debate, of course, so if you disagree, you may find me at
A. Christensen Johnson, OK, U.S.A.