Tuesday, 3 April 2007

Tory Proposal for Sandhurst Style College for Police

Tory spokesman on police reform Nick Herbert today said : ''We are told that officer numbers are at record levels, but where are they? Vast amounts of police time are spent tied up in stations, officers spend more time on paperwork than on patrol, and less than a tenth of officers are dedicated to neighbourhood policing.'' If this is the case which is not surprising in the slightest then why were 4 police officers sent to the 11 year olds house for making a politically incorrect comment? Between paperwork and minor crimes there are not any police left to deal with dangerous criminals. I do think the police need an overhaul and the Tory's proposal of a Sandhurst style college may work. Herbert stated: ''The police's hands must be untied to give them the discretion they need and to release officers for front line duties. Unnecessary forms should be scrapped and antiquated computer systems joined up to eliminate the multiple keying of data - a major impediment to efficiency. Central direction and targets should be replaced by locally accountable leadership. Police officers will be returned to the streets where people want to see them" The Key points of this plan are :

American-style elected commissioners to replace police boards, who would have the power to hire and fire chief constables.

A police Sandhurst to train a cadre of officers who would provide new leadership.

A crack-down on sick pay abuses that cost £243 million a year.

The abolition of the rule that requires senior officers to start as constables, as a way of attracting top-notch graduates to the service.

Scrapping forms and processes - including the "stop and account" form - imposed by Whitehall.

Creating a new force of police reservists similar to the part-time "retained" fire officers.

Something needs to be done and this plan seems well thought out and practical. Now, we wait to see if it actual gets put to practice.

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