Thursday, 5 April 2007

Do You Want To Be Required to Own a Biometric ID Card? You will be if Labour wins next Election.

According to Home Office papers from 2004 one third will NOT cooperate with ID card checks. The Home Office claims these figures were incredibly out of date. Labour says ID cards will have a wide range of benefits and plans. If they win the next election they will bring in new legislation to make it compulsory to own, but not necessarily carry, a card. The Liberal Democrats and the Conservatives both oppose the identity card scheme. Liberal Democrat home affairs spokesman Jeremy Browne said: "A major failing of ID cards is that it will cost billions of pounds to coerce law-abiding people into providing their details while those with genuinely malign intentions will strive to avoid complying with the authorities." I don't often agree with Liberal Democrats but I am with Browne 100%. As with the talking cameras and airport eye scans, this takes Big Brother to a whole new level. Browne correctly stated that the people who will get the ID's, simply because it is the law and not because they have any desire to have their personal biometric information stored on a card , are the law abiding citizens who should not have to. If Labour seriously believes criminals will line up on day one, or at any other time, they need a reality check. The next question is, when ID cards do not achieve the desired results what is next? Microchips implanted under our skin? It may sound far fetched but so did biometric ID cards 20 years ago. We can only hope Labour does not win the next election. I enjoy my freedom. Well, what's left of it anyway.
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