Monday, 2 April 2007

Britian Rewarded for Playing Nice with Iran over Hostages ... Are you Serious?

From the Telegraph "Iran today softened its rhetoric in the ongoing diplomatic dispute with Britain, promising not to show further television confessions as a reward for "positive changes" in the British negotiating stance."

What are we... children? Any why on earth are we letting these people treat us as such. We (the civilized British people) are allowing Iran (the terrorists holding our men and women hostage) to scold us then reward us for acquiescing to them in the way we handle the situation? What is wrong with our Government? Someone please enlighten me.

Let me recap. Iran takes HOSTAGE 15 British men and women. Iranians ATTACK the British Embassy with the consent of their government. The Iranian government controlled TV station parades two sailors on television where they are forced to point to a map and apoligise. Iran completely ignores our demands to return the hostages. Instead of using force the British government is walking on eggshells and are being rewarded by Iran saying, "Good Boy, if you behave we won't parade the hostages on tv anymore" ... Just the result we always wanted, we look pathetic and an easy target. HOW ABOUT USING FORCE IF NECESSARY TO GET THEM BACK... Enough nicey nice and chatting over tea. How dare our government allow Iran to get away with this degrading treatment of our men women and country!

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liam said...

I couldn't agree more. We look pathetic and weak thanks to the government. Just what we want, more terrorists to think we are an easy target. Strong actions need to be taken not pleasant discussions.