Wednesday, 4 April 2007

Maternity Support Workers to Replace Midwives to Cut Costs?

Ministers have reneged on the election promise which guaranteed all mothers receive one-to-one care from a midwife during labour. Health Secretary Patricia Hewitt admitted that midwives would probably not be present during the whole labour in any NHS hospital. Campaigners said that costs could be cut by using "maternity support workers" not midwives during the majority of the labour process. There is no national training program for these workers with most trusts insisting they take only an NVQ ( a qualification course lasting only 15 days) versus midwives who endure a rigorous 3 year training program. I would consider the birth of a child one of the most, if not the most, important event in a person's life. The government obviously does not agree or they would not have suggested "support workers" who are meant for jobs such as cleaning up to deliver our babies. What's next to save money... suggesting a family member take a 15 day NVQ so the government doesn't have to pay at all? Royal College of Midwives adviser Sue Jacob said it would be 'nothing short of scandalous' if support workers were left doing the job of midwives. "Women want nothing less than a midwife by their side when they are in labour. We know from all the research that's been done that continuous care from an experienced professional makes a huge difference to the safety of both the mother and the child." I would love to know how the British people feel about this latest suggestion to cut costs at our children's expense by the Blairite Government.

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Margaret said...

Has the Government LOST ITS MIND!!! These babies that they want delivered unsafely by untrained workers are the future of our country and should be the PRIORITY not a way to save money!!