Wednesday, 4 April 2007

Iranian Hostages Will Be Released as a "Gift"

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad says 15 British naval personnel captured in the Gulf are free to leave.
Ahmadinejad still maintains that the British sailors and marines "invaded" Iranian waters, but said they were being released as a "gift" to Britain. They are expected to fly home to the UK on Thursday. New television pictures showed the Iranian president smiling, chatting and shaking hands with the crew at the presidential palace in Tehran. It is reported that one crew member said: "I'd like to say that myself and my whole team are very grateful for your forgiveness. I'd like to thank yourself and the Iranian people... Thank you very much, sir." One can only imagine what the crew were really thinking. Ahmadinejad spoke at a news conference marking the Persian New Year for an hour reprimanding the west over its policy in the Middle Wast before even mentioning the hostages. When he did he said,"We have every right to put these people on trial,But I want to give them as a present to the British people to say they are all free." He continued with his "grand gesture" by saying,"I'm asking Mr Blair to not put these 15 personnel on trial because they admitted they came to Iranian territorial water," referring to taped "confessions" made by the British sailors and marines. Ahmadinejad also addressed Prime Minister Blair during the speech. "I ask Mr Blair: Instead of occupying the other countries, I ask Mr Blair to think about the justice, to think about the truth and work for the British people not for himself," Mr Ahmadinejad said. "Unfortunately the British government was not even brave enough to tell their people the truth, that it made a mistake." He even gave the soldiers who captured the Britons medals. Blair did not address the Iranian president in response. Instead he said, "We bear you no ill will. We respect Iran as an ancient civilisation. " I for one do NOT respect Iran and think as soon as we get the sailors out of there we should take a very strong military action against them to discourage this from happening again. Iran has treated us like children and in turn Britain now appears as an easy target for future hostage situations and terrorist activities. Iran gave the hostages back to us as a "gift" Not exactly the image Britain should have. It appears as if we are weak a beholdent to Iran and that, pathetically, we should be indebted to them for being so kind as to return our people. Once again, they held HOSTAGE our men and women, they ATTACKED the British Embassy, the made a spectacle of the hostages on TV. This was all done with the approval of their government and President, but now we should be incredibly grateful for this "gift" they have given us by releasing hostages they never should have taken in the first place?


Elliott said...

Completely sympathise with the wish for action, but that time is past.

What I'm really dreading now is the portrayal of Iran's "gift" as a masterful triumph for British diplomacy.

The cloud of unreality hanging over this country has become impenetrable.

thebestnewsfirst said...

Elliot, Thanks for the comment. I agree the government will try to portray this as diplomacy at its finest. I'm sorry to say that quite a few people probably will buy into it as well.

Anonymous said...

Surely the male in the middle wasn't Salman Rushdie was it?